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Welcome to this 100% online, open and free course. This concise and intensive course covers what a future Rioja wines expert needs to know: their territory, grape varietals, the human element, the styles of wine that are created, the classifications of Rioja wines, regulations on viticulture and aspects to do with production, gastronomy and history. Course participants will learn about the flavour and characteristics of the wines and how some of them are developed over time. We will be talking about modern styles and more traditional approaches, as well as the recent trend to official recognition of the territory.

We will suggest various wines that illustrate the course contents and will bring you even closer to our unique interpretation of viticulture and oenology.

When you complete the course, you have a sound knowledge of Rioja and you will understand its position among the world's great wines.

Estimated duration: 15 hrs.

Assessment: At the end of each module there will be a set of review questions relating to the content. To progress to the next modules, you will need to answer 100% of the questions correctly and you will have a limited number of attempts.

At the end of the course you will take the final exam. This will consist of 30 questions, which you will have to answer within a time limit of 30 minutes. To be awarded the Rioja Wine Diploma, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly.

You have a maximum of 2 attempts to pass your exam, but if you fail, RWA will launch a new call every three months - with two other opportunities - of which you will be informed in advance so that you can take the exam again and obtain the certificate.


You can download resources for this course here:

Recommended wines

Winegrowing Dictionary

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    Ioana Ardelean

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  • Ioana

    Ioana Ardelean

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    During this confinement, it's wonderful to learn about Rioja and about wine within these courses!

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    Tiago Marques

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    A very good course which was a wonderful complement for my activity as a WSET Educator!

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